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We teach the full Setting Out Engineer Course on our indoor construction site with facilities that are unmatched.

Civil Engineering Academy is the only Setting Out Engineer training provider that can help you find work  and support  you with our team of engineers

Project Management and Site management course

All About The Setting Out Engineering Training Course with The Civil Engineering Academy.

Our Method - we have used psycology in our teaching method to make sure once passed you are ready for work. We have taught engineers that have completed a setting out course from Finchley Collage, Enka and CITB, this is proof that our quality of teaching is number 1. Other companies use TS06 to teach and teach in a class room with no practicle skills you'll never know how to do the job and you may give up on working as a setting out engineer.

Latest Facilities - heavy investment has taken place with our indoor construction site, our  teaching technique and using the latest Lieca Total Stations and equipment. We make sure that you are trained and ready to start work as soon as you have passed.  We even have a museum  to inspire all who walk through.


Nobody does it like us - Our quality of teaching must be kept at very high standards. Most companies teaching this course will pass anyone who walks through the door. With us, we make sure that you understand all programs, methods and meterial, terminology and modules,  we test you at the end and review our teaching method on every class to make sure you are up to date with the latest information and technology. 

How can I become a Setting Out Engineer in 2 to 3 weeks ?

Our courses are intense and full on, there are a few training companies in the UK that also do a intensity Setting Out Course, so this is quite common. Many training organisations do arrange a fast paced course whether it's in Engineering, Dentistry or Plumbing.

Do I need experience ?

No experience is required, the way we teach ensures pretty much anybody can become a Setting Out Engineer, a telephone call and going over your previous employment will determine whether or not you need to be tested before you can join us. 

Will I be a qualified Engineer ?

Absolutely not, however, you will become a Competent Setting Out Engineer, to become a qualified Civil Engineer you must complete a degree in University in Civil Engineering after completing this degree in order to work as a Setting Out Engineer you will need to do a Setting Out Engineering Course.

Will I get a certificate ?

After completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Competence in Setting Out for Civil Engineering, the pass mark will be on the Certificate. We will retain this Certificate and keep hold for 12 months if you choose to work for us.

Will I learn all that is required to do the job?

Yes, there may be an area of Setting Out that you may forget after a year as all jobs are different but the principle is the same.

What if I forget how to do something when I'm at work?

At the end of each course your details will be added to a WhatsApp group, you can ask as many questions as you want and get instant answers as all teachers have been added. You can also attend our refresher courses held every other week, these course are free as long as you continue to work for us.

How can you arrange work?

Over the last few years we have developed a fantastic relationship with our clients, we have put across our ideas and as a result Civil Engineering Academy came into existence, we are supported and demanded by many large construction organisations and our clients are waiting for the next batch of Setting Out Engineers to take on new and existing projects.

Do I have to work for your clients ?

Not really, you have the choice. You will be required to pay the full course fee of £2000. You will also be exempt of re-taking any test if you have failed. You will be exempt from refresher courses which are held every other week.  You can keep the Certificate if you do not wish to work for our clients. But, if you, at a later stage you change your mind you may need to take the test again.

Will I be employed directly ?

No, we cannot pay you so much if you were employed directly, in the world of freelance Money is King. You will be self employed under the belt of our sister company.

How much will I be paid?

Simple £150 per day or £40,000 per annum, after 6 months of continues work (130 days) we will increase the day rate to £180 per day.

What happens if the project ends?

It's very likely that another job is ready and waiting for the next Setting Out Engineer, if not, we immediately let all of our clients know, the demand is high many of our construction client will have to wait until Setting Out Engineers become available.

What if I don't like the Job ?

That's fine. But you must remain working on the site until another Setting Out Engineer is arranged.

Will my jobs be local ?

Within 75 miles from your home address. You may be paid more if you travel further and we will pay for your accomodation if need be.

I want to work for your clients but what if I fail the test ?

You will be required to pass the test and achieve a 95% pass rate, this has been set in stone, as long as you wish to work for us if you fail you will be re-trained for free in the area that you have failed and tested again. 

I'm already a Setting Out Engineer, can you get me a job ?

Yes, you must pass our test first and achieve 95% pass rate.

I've just passed my course but with another training company, can I get a job ?

Not with us, you must pass our test to work for our clients, the pass rate must be 95%.

How do I pay my tax ?

Under CIS (construction industry scheme) the client must deduct 20% tax for HMRC, this is now the law, due to many people in the construction industry who have avoided paying tax and paying on time. So, our sister company will deduct 20% tax as required and you will receive a letter from HMRC requesting NI contribution usually after a year.

Can I claim back my expenses ?

Yes, you can claim back, fuel costs, food costs, mobile usage, internet usage the list is exhaustive. Please refer to HMRC website on what you can claim back, our accountant will help you.

If I am working as freelance do I need to do my accounts or have my own accountant ?

No, we have an accountant that works for us to prepare all accounts, and keep records of all expenditure for the freelance Setting Out Engineers this is done weekly. Our accountant will also make any claim back on CIS deducted tax this is done every year in March. You will receive the repayment from our Sister Company. This service costs £25 per week and must be paid to our sister company by every Setting Out Engineer, it will cost you over £3500 to have your book keeping and accounts done every year and it cost us more money and time to deal with several different accountants.

Are there any other Companies providing Setting Out Training Course's.

Yes there are a few, but we are the only Setting Out Engineers training Company in the UK with a live indoor construction site and the only one that is known that will guarantee you a job after you pass.

What is the Setting Out Engineers Course Fee?

£2000 if you want to work for includes free refresher training, email and telephone support and guidance throughout each project. Deposit of £500 is required to book.

How long will it take start my first job ?

We aim to get you started on your first project within 6 weeks, but this depends on the time of year, between April and September the time is around 2 to 3 weeks.

Where is the training centre ?

We are located in centre of Stoke On Trent, we can arrange accommodation for anyone wanting to do the course that is located over 75 miles away.

How can I book ?

Call us make sure you have a credit or debit card to pay your deposit.