Civil Engineering Academy.

The only choice in Setting Out Engineering Training Course

We teach the full Setting Out Engineer Course on our indoor construction site with facilities that are unmatched.

Civil Engineering Academy is the only Setting Out Engineer training provider that can arrange work for you when you pass.

Project Management and Site management course

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All About The Setting Out Engineering Training Course with The Civil Engineering Academy.


Our Method - we have used psycology in our teaching method to make sure once passed you are ready for work. We have taught engineers that have completed a setting out course from Finchley Collage, Enka and CITB, this is proof that our quality of teaching is number 1. It has to be, as you will be working for our clients. Other companies use TS06 to teach and teach in a class room with no practicle skills you'll never know how to do the job and you may give up on working as a setting out engineer.


Latest Facilities - heavy investment has taken place with our indoor construction site, our teaching technique and using the latest Lieca Total Station. We make sure that you are ready to start work as soon as you have passed. We even have a museum to inspire all who walk through.


Nobody does it like us - As we need to make sure our clients are happy with our new Setting out Engineers our quality of teaching must be kept at very high standards. Most companies teaching this course will pass anyone who walks through the door. With us, we make sure that you understand all programs, methods and meterial terminology and more, we test you at the end and review our teaching method on every class to make sure you are up to date with the latest information and technology. Furthermore as long as you keep working for us the refreshers are free, so no need to worry about forgetting anything.


0800 644 0694

What We Do?




The course for competent Setting Out Engineers are held every month for 2 to 3 weeks. With a full on live indoor construction site training course whether you are skilled in the construction field or not.



How We Teach?

As we aim to employ you after teaching to fulfil our client demands, we will guarantee to teach you all what is required within.............